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2020 budget: A glimmer of hope
The payment of pensions, salaries, and public debt take over the budget
Kate del Castillo’s evidence against Mexican government accepted
Mexican actress Kate del Castillo filed a lawsuit for MXN $60 million for the alleged political persecution against her during the previous administration when she was linked to drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán
Mexico's Supreme Court turns its back on Peña Nieto
Peña Nieto is being investigated by U.S. authorities for allegedly receiving bribes
Kate del Castillo demands USD $60 million from the Mexican government
She was linked to “El Chapo” after meeting with him for an interview with Sean Penn
At least two hundred people are kidnapped in Mexico every day
Until the justice system makes it easier for victims to file lawsuits, kidnap numbers will never be reliable
Mexico City arrests the owner of the Rébsamen school where 21 children died
Authorities had issued a reward of MXN $5 million in exchange for information leading to her capture
Los Pinos, from luxury home to cultural center
During the last 19 years, each President tore down buildings to build others, according to the taste and interests of each leader
Mexico to establish a special minimum wage for domestic workers soon
The Mexican government is planning to introduce a specific minimum wage for 2 million domestic workers in order to boost their labor rights
Mexican government to create a 'Robin Hood' institute
The institute would return wealth and property seized from criminals to the people
Tourism is at risk
In the last years, Mexico has been placed among the 10 most visited countries but in 2019, the alarm has gone off