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Outraged in 2018 but silent in 2020
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Mexico detains 800 Central American migrants
Mexico is under intense pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump to contain mass movements of migrants who have been crossing through Mexico on their way to the U.S. border
Hundreds of US-bound Central American migrants enter Mexico via Guatemala
Migrants crossing into Mexico earlier this week faced tear gas from security forces, who delivered a firmer response than in previous mass movements at the border
Mexico deports hundreds of Central American migrants
On Monday, Mexican security forces fired tear gas at the migrants who tried to cross into Mexico illegally
Mexico’s National Guard stops Central American immigrants from entering the country
Yesterday, hundreds of immigrants tried to cross the border between Mexico and Guatemala through the Suchiate river
A new migrant caravan is heading toward the U.S.
At least 1,500 Hondurans are planning to travel through South America and Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S.
In 2018, hundreds of migrants went missing in Mexico
After Mexico toughened its stance of migration, Central Americans opted for riskier routes
Central American migrants detentions on U.S.-Mexico border on the rise
About 1 million undocumented migrants were apprehended on the US-Mexico border from October 2018 to September 2019, the highest annual total in the last 12 years
Alleged ISIS members never made it to Mexico
After there were reports claiming that the men could be in Mexico, they were located in Nicaragua
Mexico militarizes its borders
Mexico is preventing migrants from crossing into the U.S. but will Trump threaten Mexico with tariffs again?