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Court approves the right to medical marijuana in Mexico City
The Court also ratified the right to drinking water, education, and migrants' right to protection
Regulation on medical marijuana in Mexico to be issued within six months
The Ministry of Health and Cofepris will have to consider the whole production chain of cannabis, and all the activities directed to its therapeutic use and scientific research
Mexico to approve recreational and commercial use of marijuana
Yesterday, Mexico’s next Interior Minister submitted a bill to create a medical marijuana industry and allow its recreational use
Mexico, towards a green horizon?
In the U.S., 30 states have marijuana regulations, nine for its recreational use and the rest for its medical use
Medical Marijuana comercializará más de 100 productos; según estimaciones, el mercado alcanzará hasta 5 mil mdd
Earlier this month Mexico's Senate duly passed a limited medical marijuana bill. But it has yet to be approved by the lower house and critics say it is still far too little
The bill, which was drafted and passed by Mexico's upper chamber of Congress, was sent to the lower chamber for its discussion and subsequent revision and vote.
Grace's story made headlines back in 2015 after her parents fought, and won, to legalize medical marijuana in Mexico
The California-based company manufactures a hemp oil which can, under permits granted this week, be imported to Mexico for the first time to treat specific medical cases.
The parents of 8-year-old Graciela Elizalde of Monterrey have already seen a difference in their daughter since she began taking a marijuana extract recently.