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'El Chapo' is sentenced to life in prison
Judge Brian Cogan imposed the sentence of life plus 30 years
Families beg for justice
It is unreasonable that the victims are still begging for justice
Workplace harassment prevails in Mexico
From January to March, at least 23,542 people resigned in order to avoid a hostile work environment
Reporting crimes in Mexico is pointless
The police officers deployed at the subway stations could be colluding with criminals
Mexico creates special unit to handle Ayotzinapa case
Relatives and friends of the missing students took to the streets on wednesday to demand justice
Spanish judge orders release of Alonso Ancira while he awaits extradition
Ancira faces allegations related to the irregular sale of a fertilizer plant to Pemex during the management of Emilio Lozoya
Judge denies Javier Duarte’s appeal to avoid jail for enforced disappearance
During his term, Javier Duarte gave a direct order to conceal information on the number of bodies found in a mass grave
Mexican football player kills newlyweds in crash
lso, Sevilla Atlético announced it will terminate its working relationship with Maleck on June 30
Corruption in Mexico: Fertinal, Odebrecht & Co.
EL UNIVERSAL revealed that former President Peña Nieto is being investigated by U.S. authorities for bribery
Mexico's Supreme Court turns its back on Peña Nieto
Peña Nieto is being investigated by U.S. authorities for allegedly receiving bribes