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Mexico hastens U.S. extraditions of cartel leaders
The Mexican government has expressed its willingness to cooperate with the United States under the understanding that the security of the region is a shared responsibility
Harsher prison sentences and the death penalty won’t eradicate femicide
In recent years, extreme violence against women has been on the rise in Mexico
Mexico: death penalty and chemical castration
Mexican lawmakers have proposed the implementation of capital punishment to punish violent crimes
Mexico ignores femicides
From January to October 2019, over 3,000 women were murdered in Mexico, however, only 809 cases were registered as femicides
Ernestina Godoy, Mexico City's new Attorney
The transition from Prosecutor to Attorney General's Office should represent a real transformation
Mexican prisons are governed by criminals
Ciudad Juárez has experienced violent incidents after authorities launched a raid at a local prison
Child and youth crime are on the rise
Inequality, violence, and poverty are some of the reasons behind this phenomenon
Mexico opens 11 lines of investigation to solve the Ayotzinapa case
The families said that the Peña Administration only spread lies
Crime rates have started to decrease
Yesterday, the INEGI released positive numbers in regards to crime rates
Ayotzinapa: Tomás Zerón allegedly tortured the detainees
According to witnesses, the former official tortured the detainees