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Judith Butler discusses feminist movements in Mexico, Latin America, and the world
The philosopher is considered as one of the most important thinkers and academics of the 21st century
The gender gap expands to science and technology in Mexico
In Mexico, the number of women working in science and technology has decreased in recent years
Rape: torture and systemic gender violence in Mexico
Human rights activists lament that soldiers, navy officers, and federal police officers use sexual abuse as torture
The UN and the EU to help Mexico fight femicide through the Spotlight Initiative
The Spotlight Initiative is a program to eradicate femicide in Mexico and will benefit over 2 million women
10 women are murdered in Mexico every day
According to the SESNSP, 10 states concentrate 65% of the 1,199 femicides that have been perpetrated during the first quarter of 2019
The feminist movement is taking over Mexico
The #MeToo movement is disrupting the sexism and misogyny ingrained in Mexican society
Sexual harassment has to stop
In recent years, a new harassment method has taken place: recording or taking pictures of other people without consent
Mexico's new plan to fight gender violence
Previously, Nadine Gasman Zylbermann was the UN Women's representative in Brazil
Femicide is on the rise
The first signs of an alarming problem started in 1990, when hundreds of women were murdered in Ciudad Juárez
Domestic violence has been normalized in Mexico
Women who grew up in families where violence was accepted as an essential part of their formation process are usually abused by their partners