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Over 10,000 dengue cases registered in Mexico
The confirmed dengue cases tripled in contrast with 2018
Children from the ABC daycare deserve justice
Those responsible for the tragedy have to pay for their crimes, no matter who they are
Fentanyl, a threat to Mexico
Fentanyl is trafficked from Mexico to the U.S. using courier services, cars, buses, cargo transport, and airplanes
More clues about human sacrifice in Tenochtitlán
The tales of the cruel sacrifices to honor the god Huitzilopochtli have been told for centuries and it has become a popular image that identifies this warrior society
Celebrating the Day of the Dead in museums and archeological sites
The Day of the Dead was declared as an intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO in 2013
More Mexicans are interested in turning their loved ones into pendants, despite Vatican's prohibition
Galdino José Ruiz Hernández of Oaxaca, Mexico, was convicted Wednesday in Brownsville of human smuggling-related charges leading to death
Death claimed transcendent political figures in 2016, including Cuba's revolutionary leader and Thailand's longtime king, but also took away royals of a different sort: kings of pop music, from Prince and David Bowie to George Michael
Fifteen migrants have died at the Eloy Detention Center since 2004, ICE data show
Fidel Castro died on Friday at the age of 90, a decade after stepping down due to poor health