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Mexico charges judge linked to cartel with illicit enrichment
The controversial magistrate has been accused of money laundering by U.S. authorities
Calderón and Peña Nieto spent $675 million on planes and helicopters
Mexico hasn't been able to sell the presidential plane because it is too extravagant and luxurious
Financial crisis at public universities
Lack of transparency and excessive benefits have affected public universities
Romero Deschamps' family created an emporium
For 26 years, Carlos Romero Deschamps led the oil workers union
The politicians and prominent figures investigated or charged with crimes in Mexico
The current administration is currently investigating several former ministers, lawyers, and politicians
Odebrecht: Emilio Lozoya's mother will be prosecuted
Emilio Lozoya is involved in several corruption cases at Pemex and Odebrecht
Karime Macías is released on bail by UK court
Macías was released after paying over MXN $3.5 million
Karime Macías, the wife of a former Governor, is detained in the UK
Karime Macías, Javier Duarte's wife, lived in a luxurious London neighborhood after fleeing Mexico
MXN$81 billion spent on Education Reform: A complete waste?
Peña Nieto's Education Reform represented an expense of MXN$81.5 billion, much of which was wasted
Cemex investigated for illegal land purchase in Colombia
The Mexican company was allegedly involved in a USD$13-million deal for the purchase of illegal land