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The Three Kings go green
The Semarnat explained that balloons aren't biodegradable and that both aquatic and terrestrial animals die because they eat the balloons or get trapped in cords
The dark origins of Holy Innocents Day
It is customary to make all sorts of pranks during this day in Spain and Latin America
Christmas cheer at Jesus's traditional birthplace of Bethlehem
The Palestinian town in the Israeli-occupied West Bank is enjoying its busiest Christmas in years, with hotels nearly fully booked and the security situation relatively calm
Oaxaca celebrates Christmas with radishes
The “Night of the Radishes” is a way to celebrate Christmas in a unique way
The ancient origins of Christmas carols
'Villancicos' or Christmas carols were crucial in promoting Catholicism throughout the continent
Aguascalientes breaks Guinness World Record for tallest recyclable Christmas tree
The Christmas tree is 27.48 meters tall and was made out of 98 thousand plastic bottles
Monumental nativity set presented in Xochimilco
Members of all 11 cultural centers in Xochimilco built the nativity set with recycled materials
Christmas punch is a traditional beverage but it's also an ally against colds as it has a high vitamins A, B, and C content
Write a letter to Santa!
The Mexican Postal Service inaugurated the Christmas workshop at the Palacio Postal
Mexico breaks Guinness record with poinsettias
The design pays homage to the Pre-Colonial city of Teotihuacán, the cradle of the most important Mesoamerican civilization