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Mexican government spent millions to fly Evo Morales to Mexico
Mexico’s Defense Ministry revealed the price taxpayers paid to bring Evo Morales to Mexico
Chicken pox outbreak forces closure of migrant shelter in Mexico
The Leona Vicario shelter in Ciudad Juárez houses nearly 800 migrants awaiting court dates in the U.S.
Exiled in Mexico: Evo Morales, Trotsky, and Rigoberta Menchú
Mexico has a long history of granting asylum to refugees
Protest against Evo Morales in Mexico
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Mexico determined not to accept U.S. third safe country deal
A safe third country designation would require asylum seekers to apply for protection in Mexico instead of the United States
Mexico rejects U.S. “safe third country” proposal once again
In theory, a safe third country agreement would force asylum seekers from Central America, who make up a large part of migrants apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, to seek refuge in Mexico
Mexico refuses to become a safe third country
That former deal was reached to avert Trump’s threat of tariffs on Mexican imports
Mexico-U.S. relation: It's time for dialogue and cooperation
The Trump administration recognized that the number of undocumented migrants who cross into the U.S. has decreased
Thousands of children in Mexico wait for asylum in the U.S.
30% of the migrants in Ciudad Juárez waiting for asylum in the U.S. are minors; anguish, anxiety, fear, and identity crisis are some of the psychological effects they are suffering
2,100 more soldiers to border with Mexico: Pentagon
In light of President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, the Pentagon will send more troops from the National Guard to assist with tasks of logical support and aerial surveillance