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Representatives will meet with state officials and family members of missing persons from the state of Guerrero as part of their mission.
Jan Jarab to listen to family members of the victims share their version of how the investigation on what happened in Iguala has moved forward.
Jan Jarab to meet with parents of 43 missing students in show of support and to announce effort to find the truth and bring those responsible to justice.
Experts for the IAHRC said authorities had not allowed them be present for statements by military personnel.
Seven experts from five countries have been named to carry out a new review of the area where the 43 students were allegedly incinerated.
Salvador Cienfuegos, who is also Mexico's defense minister, told local television late on Monday that none of his troops took part in the attack on the trainee teachers in September last year.
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is urging Mexico to appoint a special prosecutor to handle the case of 43 missing college students.