Yoga at the Mexico-US border

This is the 3rd they have held this event at Parque de la Amistad, in Tijuana and San Diego

Yoga at the Mexico-US border
Poster for the event – Photo: Taken from the Angeles de la Frontera's Facebook page
English 28/08/2018 15:17 Notimex Mexico City Actualizada 15:20
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People from different nationalities participated in the "Binational Yoga" event, which was looking to send friendship message, and was held on both sides of the wall between Mexico and the US, in the Playas de Tijuana area.

The director of the Bhakti House, a cultural center, Fernando Bogdanoff, said the event was held in collaboration with Angeles de la Frontera, a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping migrants on their journey to the US.

He emphasized the importance of promoting this kind of healthy activities "because we are currently bombarded by information that comes to us through different channels such as the Internet, television or cell phones".

He said that the world is overwhelmed by several problems "and some people are constantly listening to bad news, developing that mentality; our idea is to give a good option culturally, physically, socially and psychologically."

He considers that the policies established by Donald Trump's government against the migrants from Mexico, Latin America, and other regions create tension and division.

Instead of using the border to divide, mistreat and belittle, "it is convenient to take action to unite the two countries, in this case, we are organizing healthy activities for the benefit of people on both sides of the border."

The director of Angeles de la Frontera, Enrique Morones, said that this is the third time they have held this event at Parque de la Amistad, both in Tijuana and San Diego, to promote physical activities, while promoting the rights of migrants.


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