Will Mexico's new National Guard bring peace?

As part of a strategy to solve the issue, the government officially launched the National Guard

Will Mexico's new National Guard bring peace?
Yesterday, the President officially launched the National Guard - Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez/EL UNIVERSAL
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Yesterday, the federal government referred to the most violent decade in Mexico as a security crisis, national emergency, and a serious problem.

Mexican society knows this problem was inherited from previous administrations but in the last 7 months, when the current government took office, the situation hasn't improved; even President López Obrador said that the “same unsafe and violent conditions” inherited by the administration still prevail.

As part of a strategy to solve the issue, the government officially launched the National Guard during an event attended by officials from the three government branches and Governors.

The government is hoping that this corporation will bring peace to the country. The government believes that it will mark the beginning of the end of violence and that “the darkest days (plagued by) insecurity will be left in the past.” Nevertheless, there are not many reasons to be optimistic.

In the recent past, different governments opted for the creation of new police forces to fight crime and at the same time, they integrated soldiers in the security tasks. The Preventive Federal Police, the Federal Police, and the National Gendarmerie were part of the strategies to fight crime, adopted by federal governments. Despite these efforts, so far, the number of intentional homicides has maintained its tendency to increase and almost every month, the numbers reach a historic number.

Although it was claimed that the National Guard will respect human rights, act in collaboration with other institutions and that its members will earn fair wages, some National Guard members revealed that the training courses didn't take place in proper conditions and amidst shortages. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the efforts made the National Guard, without haggling for resources and equipment.

Positive changed in regards to security won't happen overnight, authorities have said that there would be results in the medium-term. What is important is that authorities have created an institution to fight crime, which was approved by all the political forces, and that can represent the beginning of a solid and trustworthy institution. The challenge won't be easy.


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