Will the Mexican church punish pedophile priests?

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Will the Mexican church punish pedophile priests?
Pope Francis claimed he will fight clerical abuse - Photo: Alessandra Tarantino/AP
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Will the Mexican church punish pedophile priests?

The Archdioceses of Mexico will present its team for the protection of minors soon, which will handle the pedophilia cases in the church; we've been told that those who are part of the team will send a message to the media. We've been told that the members of this team include Joaquín Aguilar, the director of SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests in Mexico. In 2006, Aguilar sued Norberto Rivera Carrera in a Los Angeles court for allegedly covering up pedophiles. With the creation of this group, will there really be zero tolerance against pedophilia? Will they also solve cases from the past?

More troubles for the new administration

The new institute created by President López Obrador, Mexican Food Security (Segalmex) aims to work as the emblematic Conasupo did in the 80s. But now the demand is that the same is done but through austerity. Therefore, its general director, Ignacio Ovalle, recently made Liconsa and Diconsa part of one coordination, something that wasn't applauded by those in charge of the departments. We've been told that since this measure was implemented, the attacks against Segalmex haven't stopped. This is the case of Enrique Sada Fernández, the former head of Liconsa, who has been setting obstacles for the institute and even requested the intervention of the Superior Audit Office of Mexico in one of the priority projects for President López Obrador.

Brace yourself for environmental chaos

Mexico City and the metropolitan area are set to face the most challenging season, as ozone increases due to high temperatures. Nevertheless, The megalopolis' Environmental Commission is yet to appoint a director. This body is in charge of coordinating environmental actions between the six states that form the megalopolis. It seems like none of this administrations, nor the Semarnat, care about solving the issue soon.

Police harass feminist activists and family members of victims of femicide

Activists and family members of victims of femicide are having a hard time. On March 8, they started camping at the feminist anti-monument, located in Mexico City's center. The women living next to the structure claim they are being harassed by the police so they leave. They know they can stay at the site forever, therefore, they are asking for signatures to back their movement and the sculpture.


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