Who'll hit the jackpot at the election's lottery draw?

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Who'll hit the jackpot at the election's lottery draw?
Debate drawing - File Photo: Adolfo Vladimir/CUARTOSCURO
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Who'll hit the jackpot at the election's lottery draw?

The councilor of the National Electoral Institute(INE) José Ruiz Saldaña informed that next June 29 – that is, two days before election day – there will be a national lottery draw with the elections as its theme. We've been told that the supreme electoral authority expects a massive ticket sale and, by the way, the promotion of the right to a free vote. We're in the final stretch of this race since within eight days election day will be upon us. And what's interesting is that, most certainly, from the candidates running for President to those running for town councilors will want to get the winning ticket and “hit the jackpot” at the election lottery. If only, more than one would say.

The Minister of Finance celebrates goals with Meade

The one who truly seized his day off was the Minister of Finance, José Antonio González Anaya, who traveled to Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, to watch the football match of Mexico vs South Korea with his friend, José Antonio Meade, presidential candidate of the “All For Mexico” coalition. González Anaya said that it was his day off and that he traveled to his native land. But he didn't do this only to watch the game, he also took the opportunity to campaign next to the presidential candidate. The friendship between them was also palpable during the second debate, held in Tijuana, seeing that González Anaya also traveled all the way there to support Meade. Thus, yesterday he decided to travel to celebrate the goals of Mexico's National Football team with his friend.

Rumbles at the PRD

The statement of Vladimir Aguilar, a member of the national leadership of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) certainly drew the attention, in the sense that he foresees the defeat of his presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya and candidate for Mayor of Mexico City Alejandra Barrales, in Mexico City. We've been told that some turned they eyes to one of the states governed by the PRD as if it were the hand that rocks the cradle. Yet others recall that Rodrigo Gayosso, running for Governor of Morelos and son of the current Governor of the state, Graco Ramírez, said that “there will be a lot of people in Morelos who will vote for you-know-who.” Impossible to forget the ancient feud between Graco and Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) but what's undeniable is that these rumbles at the PRD are the sign that within the party, many won't support the candidate of the “For Mexico to the Front” coalition, covertly of course. We're one week away to draw the curtain.

The duel over Ayotzinapa

The Ayotzinapa case, in its many aspects, has caused a clash between Mexico's Office of the Attorney General (PGR) with other organizations, such as the National Human Rights Commission and the Judicial Branch, after the resolutions of a court in Tamaulipas which – among other things – demand the creation of a commission of truth. However, this issue is far from being closed. In the next weeks, a duel will begin. Mainly because the deadline to obey the resolution of the court is coming to a close. The issue here is, according to our sources, that instead of being swiftly resolved, this case could be extended until the next federal administration. So we can't lose sight of the intricacies of this matter in which, unfortunately, there are many shades of grey.


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