When will Mexico eradicate femicide and gender violence?

In 2018 and 2019, 10 women were murdered in Mexico every day

When will Mexico eradicate femicide and gender violence?
In the last four decades, violence against women and femicides have increased - Photo: José Luis González/REUTERS
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For decades, violence against women has increased. The different measures implemented to eradicate gender violence haven't shown clear results.

For example, in regards to femicide, the country registers 10 cases every day, a number higher than in 2017, when the country registered 7 femicides every day. Something similar happens with domestic violence; in 2004, the INEGI reported that 44% of Mexicans over 15 suffer violence; in 2019, 15 years later, numbers are still the same as 43.9% women over 15 have been attacked by their partners.

Mexican women are besieged by femicide and gender violence

One of the efforts made to transform the situation was the creation of the National Data and Information about Violence Against Women Bank (Banavim). Until now, the information generated can represent the first step towards the violence that besieges Mexican women. Out of the 600,000 aggressors identified, 293,896 of them live in 74 municipalities.

The seven locations where the most aggressors inhabit are Aguascalientes, 15,105; Guadalajara, 1,467; Morelia, 12,977; Zapopan, 9,928; San Luis Potosí, 9,711; Mérida, 7, 361, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, 6,594.

10 women are murdered in Mexico every day 

These numbers show that cities such as Aguascalientes and Mérida, which have a scarce presence of criminal violence, face a gender violence issue that has to be eradicated.

Another measure that brings hope is the creation of a DNA bank, which was approved by Mexico City's Congress yesterday. This DNA bank will be used in investigations linked to femicide, sexual abuse, and kidnapping.

For the federal government, the biggest challenge is to spark a cultural change to eradicate sexism, macho culture, and violence against women. On the other hand, local governments have to adopt particular measures but while authorities in the three government levels don't collaborate or use the information provided by registries and surveys, Mexico will be sunk into gender violence.

Mexico City issues gender alert over alarming femicide rates


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