Visit one of Mexico’s most beautiful waterfalls

“El Meco” waterfall is 38 meters high and it is named after the monkeys that live in the area

Visit one of Mexico’s most beautiful waterfalls
This natural wonder is located in the Huasteca Potosina – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Among the mountains covered in vegetation, flows “El Meco,” a waterfall of the “El Salto” river. The rumbling fall of 38 meters high appears by the end of a rafting tour through low and intense rapids in turquoise waters.

This natural wonder which belongs to the Huasteca Potosina is located in the municipality of El Naranjo. To arrive, one must pass through reeds. The tour lasts for approximately 1.5 hours, from Ciudad Valles, and about 20 minutes from the municipal capital.



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The waterfall is named after “the monkeys that live in the area. Human presence has made these animals go deeper into the mountains, so they are rarely seen,” says Rosa María Gutiérrez, director of Touristic Product Development of San Luis Potosí.

Caro Tort, head of public relationships of the tour operators “Huasteca Secreta,” says that “the color of the water is due to the dust of the limestone rocks in the bottom of the river.”

The most exciting way to make contact with the water is by jumping. It might be a little scary, but in the end, you will want to do it again. Just give one step from the 8 meters-high wooden pier built near “El Meco.” After the fall, go with the flow for a while, wearing a life jacket.



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A guide will take you on a hike to the top of the waterfall. Next to it, they will give you ropes and a harness. Then, they will tell you the instructions to abseil. The breeze of the stream and its roar will give you goosebumps.



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Stand up paddle
On a surfboard and with a paddle, navigate the river, either standing, sitting, or on your knees, if you can keep your balance. The channel is surrounded by a forest of ahuehuetes and shaving brush trees. You will surely hear the chirp of western bluebirds, grey silky-flycatchers, or northern flickers.

Doing this activity at night is a completely different experience. Surfboards are lighted with fluorescent lights.

Another adventure you cannot miss is tubing: you just have to sit on an inflatable donut and go with the flow of the river.



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Sleep by the edge of a waterfall
Hotel Salto del Meco is near the waterfall. It has two boarding options: hermetic tents similar to yurts and bungalows, made up of two independent rooms; some have a view to the river and the showers are semi-open so that you can watch the sky.

In the area, there are two viewpoints to behold the magnificence of “El Meco:” one of them is public, the other is located on the terrace of the restaurant of the hotel.

You should also try the specialty of the house: jerky (known in Mexico as “cecina”) with enchiladas, blistered peppers, and Cambray onions. Another option is the prawn broth, which has a secret recipe.



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Other places to visit
There are two waterfalls in “El Naranjo:” “Minas Viejas” with two waterfalls of 45 meters high, and “El Salto” of 70 meters.

In the capital of the municipality, there is a spring turned into a recreational park with green areas for camping.

The best season to visit the region is from late October until March. The weather is usually warm.

Useful information

How to get there
A new flight from Mexico City to Tamuín’s National Airport was recently opened. From this point to Ciudad Valles, travel by bus. The journey takes about an hour. After that, take another bus for approximately 1.5 hours to the municipality of “El Naranjo.”

In package
The Hotel Salto del Meco includes in its rate one of the activities it organizes. Cost: MXN $3,599 per night for two persons.

You can book your stay and activities in Huasteca Secreta.