Union's businesses must come to an end

PEMEX and its union have been profiting off irregular procedures to donate land

Union's businesses must come to an end
Romero Deschamps – Photo: Alma Rodríguez Ayala/EL UNIVERSAL
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With the recent Union Congress renovation, which is now formed mostly by Morena members in both chambers, and with the start of a new government on December 1, it would be fair to demand, consistent with the anti-corruption discourse predicated by the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in which he practically based his whole campaign. Therefore, alleged irregular money transactions at the Mexican Oil Workers' Union (STPRM), led by Carlos Romero Deschamps, will be reviewed and sanctioned, in the case of the use of land, two pieces of land donated by PEMEX with a particular aim, to give support and offer services to the union members; and another pieces of land, although its donation hasn't been made official and it's been already requested by the STPRM, but it's already used by the union to make profit, as businesses have been built in it.

Of the two pieces of land that were donated, it should be questioned under what criteria were they donated. One of them is in the area of the former 18 de Marzo refinery's area, in Mexico City, and the other is in Guadalupe municipality, in Nuevo León, in a distribution and storage center. Both properties were given to the union by PEMEX, with authorization from the Administration Council. The third piece of land, which is almost 30 acres, belongs to PEMEX and its donation hasn't been scheduled yet, is in the Salamanca municipality, in Guanajuato.

In the cases here mentioned, it seems like all of this could be a modus operandi, PEMEX and the union use the asset disposal procedure to make a profit by selling the properties.

That is why PEMEX and its union need to be subjected to an exhaustive review. In recent years, after the implementation of the Energetic Reform, PEMEX has been registering negative numbers in its finances and has been involved in several scandals related to the mismanagement of economic resources and corruption, for which even the company's leaders have been accused. On the other hand, lack of transparency clearly prevails in the union, while its leadership is still showing signs of unexplainable wealth and lavishness.

If the new administration really wants to end corruption, the unions must be transparent, and these types of practices eradicated and sanctioned. The so-called “Fourth National Transformation” should not be selective when the times comes to exercise justice.


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