22 | OCT | 2019
An uncertain future for migrants
Migrants are detained by migration authorities in Chiapas - Photo: Carlos Ugarte /AP

An uncertain future for migrants

Mexico City
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An uncertain future for migrants

In order to fulfill the new demands made by the United States, civil society organizations say that the Navy, the Federal Police, and the Army are implementing operations to halt the migrants' journey, without even inquiring about their migration status. We've been told that many of those migrants had started the process to obtain their humanitarian visa. This means Mexican authorities aren't discriminating between those who were granted refugee and those who entered the country illegally. The roundups are meant to detain the largest number of migrants possible. Now the question is, will President López Obrador fulfill his proposals? Will he grant work visas to the migrants and treat them humanely? Will he create sanctuary cities? Or will they be deported arbitrarily?

She still supports López Obrador

It seems like the former Environment and Natural Resources Minister, Josefa González Blanco and promoted the event that took place yesterday in Tijuana through her social media. González Blanco hadn't published anything on social media since May 25, when she resigned from the Semarnat after it was revealed that she prevented a plane from taking off because she was running late.

A mortgage for the PRI

The PRI's internal election is approaching and the party will need financial resources. According to estimates, the election could cost up to MXN $100 million but the leadership is still doing additions and subtractions but the results aren't positive. The problem is how to obtain the money if the party no longer governs several states or hold certain positions in local and federal governments. The party is even considering getting a mortgage in one of its properties. Maybe the party members will donate money? It should work since the party claims it has over 1 million members.

Who will lead the Congress channel?

While the current government is wreaking havoc in media outlets: Canal 11, Notimex, Imer; we've been told that the next target is the Congress channel, which has had no director for 13 months. It turns out the lobbying has reached high levels and everything seems to indicate that the next director will be someone backed by Morena.


Highlights of new Mexico-U.S. migration agreement

The new agreement is aimed at resolving the humanitarian crisis in Mexico's southern border
Highlights of new Mexico-U.S. migration agreementHighlights of new Mexico-U.S. migration agreement


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