Mexican authors among top 21st century books

Mexican writers Valeria Luiselli and Yuri Herrera are included in the 100 best books of the 21st century

Two Mexican authors among top 21st century books
The list includes all kinds of literature - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Mexican writers Valeria Luiselli and Yuri Herrera have stood out in a list created by The Guardian that recognizes the best 100 books of the 21st century. The list includes from stunning debut novels to publications of memoir and the history of humankind.

Valeria Luiselli, who lives in the U.S., is in 83rd place of the list thanks to her text “Tell Me How it Ends” an essay in 40 questions, which was translated by Lizzie Davis.

The summary of the publication mentions that as the migration to the U.S. issue started to develop, Luiselli worked as an interpreter in a federal court. This text was created based on her experience and she tells the stories of the children she met.

The book is a brutal and intimate testimony that observes the reality of migrant children from a distance between the intention to solve the distress they face and the impotence caused by the impossibility of helping them.

Yuri Herrera is in 77th place with his book “Signs Preceding the End of the World” In his text, the Mexican tells the story of crossing to the U.S. and talks about the confusion of limits, the combination of languages and identities that difficult the intention of coming back.

“Yuri Herrera does not ‘simply’ write about Mexico and the border, but he creates his Mexico through stories and legends of the past and the present,” asserts Periférica publishing house about Herrera’s book, translated by Lisa Dillman.

The international list also includes authors such as Thomas Piketty, Neil Gaiman, Elena Ferrante, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Svetlana Alexievich, among others.


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