Three police officers arrested in connection with the Giovanni López case

The death of Giovanni López after being arrested by Jalisco police officers sparked protests in Guadalajara to demand justice

Three police officers arrested in connection with the Giovanni López case
English 05/06/2020 18:46 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 19:40
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Jalisco’s governor Enrique Alfaro informed that authorities have already arrested police officers linked to the Giovanni López case.

In an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva, the governor said that the state administration arrested the municipal police officers in Ixtlahuacán on early Friday.

“We have arrested the first police officers; we’re not going to fail people. I stand by my word and the first arrest warrants have been fulfilled. We are going to make more arrests but we’re making progress in that sense,” he said.

After Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he was not related to the protests in Guadalajara to demand justice for Giovanni López, Alfaro asked him to notice there are people inside his party and his government urging people toward an environment of confrontation.

“What I’m asking him as President is for him to notice that there are people within his government that are promoting an environment of confrontation in the country (…) There was a movement in social networks that cost millions of pesos to create this environment of anger for a fair cause.”

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Alfaro said that out of the 27 people arrested due to yesterday’s protest, there are people from Yucatán, Mexico City, and Michoacán; some of them have criminal records for crimes against public health.

He asked who is paying the campaigns about Giovanni being killed for not wearing a face mask, which according to him is completely false. He added that state police officers were not involved.

This morning, President López Obrador asserted that if Alfaro has the evidence that shows yesterday’s protests at Guadalajara were paid he must show them.

He acknowledged he has political differences with the Jalisco governor but clarified he has no intention to fight with him and denied the accusations against him.

So far, there are three people arrested in relation to Giovanni López’s death, as informed by Octavio Solís, Jalisco’s prosecutor.

In a news conference, he said that they are still working in other arrest warrants and that the investigation is still going on. Other public officers will be investigated for the death of the young man.

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