Star Wars brings the Force to Mexico

The stars of the “Last Jedi” signed autographs and talked about the upcoming film in the Star Wars saga

Ram Bergman, Daisy Ridley, Rian Johnson & Mark Hamill. Photo: Irvin Olivares
English 21/11/2017 11:55 Humberto Montoya O. Mexico City Actualizada 12:04

Fans from all generations met in a galaxy not that far, far away –  Mexico City – to watch the latest trailers of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" at a shopping mall in the south of the city, where the stars of the film Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley, joined by director Rian Johnson, were also there promoting the latest part of the saga.

Some fans wielded their lightsabers, others answered the call of the Force dressed as Jedi, and many brought their collection items with the hope of getting an autograph from their idols.

The director of the film, Rian Johnson, signed posters, figurines, and even took a couple of selfies with the audience. When asked about the message of the film, he said with a smile:

“I don't know. I only hope you have a great time and that you feel it like a fun Star Wars adventure charged with all the emotion I felt while growing up; I've always loved the movies. The message can come later, I only hope people enjoy the film.”

Daisy Ridley, for her part, said the greatest pressure for her in bringing her character to newer audiences was overcoming her nerves.

“I try not to think about the audience's expectations, 'cause then I think I'd go crazy, but hopefully people will respond to that.”

Regarding the film, the actress only mentioned it all came down to hope.

The other star of the film and long-time fan favorite, Mark Hamill took his time to thank the fans:“I'm very grateful for their support and their passion.”

Wile Hamill claimed he ignores whether he'll take part in the next trilogy, he did say he sees a future for the universe created by George Lucas.

“I don't see Star Wars finishing any moment soon. We have this film now and in five months we'll have the young Han Solo. This will keep going for many years to come,”

Ridley, who's reprising her role, was taken by surprise by the fame, something she acknowledged she didn't consider when she was shooting the film.

“There were many things I didn't know would be part of all this, and it could be a little overwhelming for a girl of 22.”

This upcoming Disney film is set to launch in Mexican theaters in December.