23 | JUL | 2019
Graco Ramírez, Governor of Morelos – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

The stand of Graco after 19-S

Mexico City
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The stand of Graco after 19-S 

Its operators and even the own governor of Morelos have complained about the erratic journalistic coverage of the local management of the civil society donations to the victims of the 19-S earthquake. Graco Ramírez – Governor of Morelos – has denied time and again that he collected the donations for political means. Yet, during a visit to Tlayacapan, inhabitants showed their discontent towards the Governor: “Graco, get out!” “Take your leave and do your job!” “Release the donations!” “Where are the donations?” and other equally proper chants.

Amidst insults, Mr. Ramírez spoke of how in the seven days since the contingency, it was the second time Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto visited the state. On the other hand, the Head of State came out unscathed from those lands. As we've been told, the issue here is that a portion of the population in Morelos is fired up with the authorities and the inner circle of Mr. Graco refuses to notice the situation.

The summit in Los Pinos

High expectations has raised an event which will take place today at the Residential Palace. We're told that a little over 50 people – public officials, governors, important businesspeople and such – will talk about the reconstruction of the states affected by the earthquakes on September 7 and 19. The gathering will be led by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who has summoned Mexico City's Mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera and the governors of the states of Mexico, Oaxaca, Puebla, Chiapas, Guerrero, and Morelos. The agenda seems to include half a dozen of the Secretaries of the Interior, businessmen such as Carlos Slim Helú, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Emilio Azcárraga Jean and Juan Pablo Castañón, president of the Bussines Coordination Council. Will good news come out of today's meeting at Los Pinos?

Zavala wouldn't run unopposed with the PES

We're told that during the meeting held between the national leader of the Social Encounter Party (PES), Hugo Eric Flores, and the candidate nominee of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) Margarita Zavala, they exchanged points of view on the Citizen's Front for Mexico, as well as on the expectations of the PAN member to be the candidate for the upcoming 2018 General Election. We've been told Mr. Hugo told the wife of former Mexican president Felipe Calrderón, that he is also interested in running for the presidency, and that so far the national council of his party seems to favor him. Thus, if Mrs. Margarita isn't able to defeat his rival, Ricardo Anaya and decides to try to be the candidate with the support of the PES, she will have to defeat the president of the other political party.

The first independent candidate jumps into the fray

According to our sources, today Pedro Ferriz de Con will become the first independent candidate to register his Presidential candidacy. For this purpose, they say, he has created the civil association Pedro Ferriz de Con and the Revolution of the Intellect, through which he will seek to gatherer over 900 thousand signatures in the next four months to establish his candidacy. Mr. Pedro's inner circle claims that after traveling across the country for over two and a half years, the man has over 20 thousand sympathizers who have digitally volunteered to gather the signatures. We'll have to see how this new enterprise turns out for the former presenter, because the challenge is not an easy one.


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