On April 4, confirmed a shooting between two alleged in Madera, a municipality in . After the shootout , municipal, state, and federal authorities launched an operation in the area.

According to investigations, the altercation took place between two on April 3, on a road between Las Varas and Largo Maderal , in a region that has been struck by crime for some time.

In Chuchuichupa , security forces found 18 dead bodies , as well as two grenades and 18 guns .


At the site, authorities also found two wounded men who were transported to a nearby hospital but one of them died. The other suspect is under police custody and is now linked to federal crimes .

The are is being disputed by the Sinaloa Cartel and the Juárez Cartel , and its armed branches: La Línea and Los Jaguares .

In November 2019, children and women, members of the were massacred by gunmen in Chihuahua.



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