Activist Julián LeBarón accused authorities of being colluded with by asserting that the gunmen responsible for the massacre against members of his community round La Morita with no fear.

From Chihuahua’s Government Palace, the activist and four members of the community claimed that intimidation from organized crime has continued and that they have even been threatened with them entering La Mojina ranch in Buenaventura, Chihuahua .

After a meeting with Fernando Mesta , general secretary of the Government , Julián LeBarón pointed out that he is hoping for immediate action to prevent another tragedy like the one that took place over a week ago in Bavispe, Sonora.

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Over 100 people abandon the Mormon town after the massacre

Over 100 members of a Mormon Mexican-American community have abandoned their homes in northern Mexico after the ambush that took place last week killed nine of their members, as told on Tuesday by relatives of the victims.

Due to the massacre of three women and six children, allegedly carried out by cartel gunmen , whole families have left La Mora , a remote farmers village in the state of Sonora , said Taylor Langford , a relative of some of the victims.

He calculates that around 150 persons have left the community, which represents 60% of the local residents.

Some of the members left temporarily and others permanently , but almost most of them would come back if security was improved in the area, said 27-years-old Langford who grew up in La Mora and now lives in Utah, U. S.

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“It’s devastating, it’s a terrible feeling to be deprived in this way from the work and savings of a lifetime,” said Langford, who grew up in that community that started from zero and grew during three generations.

“Many of us are in a point where we’ll leave it all, we’ll abandon it all, for the sake of our family’s security ,” he added.

On November 4 , three women and six children were killed by an armed group in the mountains between the states of Chihuahua and Sonora. It was reported that they were all Mormons and members of the LeBarón family , a Mexican-American community that settled in Mexico almost 100 years ago .

Nevertheless, this is not the first time the LeBarón community has faced . After criminals groups realized the LeBarón community was accumulating certain wealth, they started to extortion and kidnap them.

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In the last decade, the Mormon community, known as LeBarón, has been besieged by organized crime . In 2009, 17-year-old Erick LeBarón was kidnapped but the Mormon community publicly announced that they would not pay the USD $1 million ransom and in the end, Erick LeBarón was released without paying a dime. Nevertheless, two months later, Benjamín LeBarón and Luis Widmar were kidnapped and murdered as a result of the Mormon community's activism against violence. Since then, the LeBarón family has been constantly threatened .

The LeBarón family is an example of the failed security strategies implemented by the Mexican governments. Since 2009, this Mormon community has been protected by the Federal Police , yet this didn't prevent Monday's massacre. Moreover, the place where they inhabit has been riddled with crime in the last 10 years but neither the Chihuahua nor the Sonora governments, nor three different federal administrations have been able to halt violence.

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