Scientific cooperation is key amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Scientists all over the world are working to find a cure

Scientific cooperation is key amid the COVID-19 pandemic
China has announced that it will share the vaccine with the world - Photo: Ted S. Warren/AP
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Laboratories all over the world are working to find a vaccine against COVID-19; however, it could take months before they can create an effective one. When this happens, how should the vaccine be shared? Will it be owned by a private laboratory or by a government? A global protocol is required once an effective vaccine is created to prevent it from becoming a privilege for few people. 

This discussion is at its early stages but it is not excluded from the geopolitical stage. During the 73rd World Health Assembly, China and France agreed that the vaccines against COVID-19 must be available for everyone; however, not everyone agrees.

On May 15, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his administration is supporting a public-private plan to have the vaccine ready by the end of the year or earlier, different date from the one suggested by the World Health Organization, as it has said a vaccine could be ready in one year. Trump also said that this vaccine would benefit U.S. citizens. For experts, this is only a political discourse that will be used to obtain more votes for the November election.

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Furthermore, scattered government efforts are becoming obstacles while the world tries to find a vaccine amid the worst health crisis of the century.  

During this crisis, the World Health Organization and the United Nations are expected to take the lead and establish that vaccines and drugs against COVID-19 must benefit everyone. Both organizations must translate the decision made in April into actions, which was proposed by Mexico, to guarantee international cooperation for the access to medicines, vaccines, and medical equipment to face the pandemic.

In the last decades, countries have favored economic, political, and commercial alliances, and science never played a major role. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, scientific cooperation could help find a way to control the virus. The health crisis has made the government reevaluate the importance of science, which is key between life and death. 

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