The scandal suffocating the PRI

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César Duarte, former Chihuahua Governor - Photo by Paola Bernal/EL UNIVERSAL
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The corruption scandal suffocating the PRI

We're told this Thursday the Examining Section of the Chamber of Deputies will begin the process to withdraw the immunity of local deputy of Chihuahua Diana Karina Velázquez, who is no more and no less than the president of the state's Congress. Criminal charges have been brought against the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) member, according to our sources, for embezzlement and her probable involvement in the corruption network of former Chihuahua Governor, César Duarte. EL UNIVERSAL published on June that a Federal Judge had issued the arrest warrant against Duarte since the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes managed to prove that during Duarte's administration 14 million of Mexican pesos were deviated to the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Yesterday, the Attorney's Office of Chihuahua requested the extradition of Duarte. Everything seems to point that the corruption scandal ill suffocate the PRI just when the electoral process for 2018 is beginning.

Legislators bring shame to the Senate

The role of two senators of the coalition between the Labour Party (PT) and the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) – who used to be with the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) – was a true embarrassment, because in matters of appearances of diplomats who have been sent to missions overseas, the senators were harsh, asked questions, and left the meeting without waiting for the answers. The diplomats didn't know what to do; if they had to reply to the questionings made by Isidro Pedraza and Raúl Morón. Several senators were ashamed of the attitude of their colleagues, and they told us that leaving a work meeting where positions are appointed is something that detracts respectability to the Higher Chamber

Los Pinos tightens the belt

We're told all the way from the Official Residence in Los Pinos, that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has made the decision to tighten the belt of the 2018 budget, as a way to preach by example to all the Federal administration institutions. We're told the project of Expenditure Budget of the Federation for next year, submitted by the Secretary of Finances and Public Credit to the Chamber of Deputies is considering a reduction of 22.1 millions of Mexican pesos, compared to the original budget for 2017. Will the other Powers of the Union and several autonomous organizations and institutions of the country be able to tighten their belts and save resources during such hard times?

The departure of the North Korean Ambassador

The one who has already packed and has the sign of “persona non grata” hanging from his neck is the ambassador of North Korea to Mexico, Kim Hyong Gil, who is expected to depart the country this evening. The diplomat, who was not recognized by the Enrique Peña Nieto administration, will board an Aeromexico flight to La Habana, Cuba – if nothing else happens. The deadline for Mr. Kim to leave the country has already expired, however, since his trip included Cuba, and the Caribbean island was being ravaged by Hurricane Irma, the ambassador was unable to leave Mexican soil.


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