Santiago Nieto vs. Emilio Lozoya

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Santiago Nieto vs. Emilio Lozoya
The Financial Intelligence Unit wants Lozoya Austin behind bars - Photo: File photo
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Santiago Nieto vs. Emilio Lozoya 

Many people fear that if Emilio Lozoya agrees to a plea deal with the FGR, he will never set foot in jail; nevertheless, the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) won’t let this happen. Sources said two or three cases are sitting on Santiago Nieto’s desk at the UIF, which will be active despite what happens regarding the Agronitrogenados case and the bribes lawmakers received to approve the Energy Reform. The UIF aims to send Lozoya Austin and his collaborators to jail. Moreover, the other criminal cases involving Lozoya include the purchase of Fertinal, the purchase of a shipyard called “Hijos de J. Barrales,” and fuel theft at sea.

It’s not President’s Day

When they were the opposition, Morena and the PT always told the PRI or PAN that September first is not the President’s Day, but rather the day when Congress is inaugurated. Now we will see if Mario Delgado and Ricardo Monreal stand by their previous claims during President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s next state of the union address. Will they reject the idea of holding an event at the National Auditorium or the Zócalo?

Rosa Isela Rodríguez has the President’s support

Sources said Rosa Isela Rodríguez, the head of the Ports and Merchant Navy department under the SCT, met with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and later with Finance Minister Arturo Herrera last Monday. The reason behind the meeting was that Rodríguez obtained the President’s approval to create a special team to end corruption at ports. But what about SCT Minister Jorge Arganis? Well, as least this time he knew about the meeting. 

The PAN’s future is at stake

Sources said the PAN is getting ready for the upcoming electoral process where Mexicans will elect 15 new governors, several lawmakers, and local positions throughout the country. Insiders said the PAN’s permanent commission held a meeting last Monday, where the politicians showed their support for Guanajuato governor Diego Sinhue after El Marro’s arrest. In recent weeks, party leader Marko Cortés held virtual meetings PAN groups and leaders from different states. They know their future is at stake. 


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