22 | OCT | 2019
Querétaro, leader in plastics production in Mexico

Querétaro, leader in plastics production in Mexico

Francisco Flores EL UNIVERSAL Querétaro
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The industry is expected to have a 15% to 20% growth regarding mold manufacturing, although it faces challenges such as human capital training

Querétaro is currently the leader in mold production for the plastics industry, used for both the automotive and home appliances industries, according to Eduardo Medrano, President of the Mexican Association of Manufacture of Molds and Dies (AMMMT).

He claimed that in the next two years, the industry will register a 15% to 20% growth in mold production: “Querétaro is the leader in molds because most of the mold-manufacturing companies are here. Forming a cluster truly helped us.”

He pointed out that the challenge the industry will face in the short term is to upgrading their technological equipment.

“There's many an old machinery at mold-manufacturing plants, it's a priority to change manufacturing practices through the use of new technologies for molds and die cutters; the challenge of businessmen is how to get financing.”

Another of the challenges required by the industry, according to Medrano, is the formation of human capital the industry requires, since there are no training programmes for technicians for this industry “and this why the AMMMT is preparing a technical programme in tools and equipment, so it can be implemented at a national level to meet the demand, since 2,500 technicians are required every year.”

He highlighted that several companies in this industry also require to align to a professionalization scheme since most are family-run and “we need to have local procurement adopted, in order to reduce imports.”


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