New Mexican airport will be managed by the National Defense Ministry

There is also the possibility of building another terminal in Tizayuca, Hidalgo

New Mexican airport will be managed by the National Defense Ministry
President López Obrador at Santa Lucía - Photo: Luis Cortés/EL UNIVERSAL
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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has announced the Santa Lucía airport will be managed by the National Defense Ministry in order to strengthen its finances. He also announced the expansion of the plan to manage the construction of a new air terminal in the presidential hangar, a new runway in the Toluca airport, and on the long run, there is the possibility of building another terminal in Tizayuca, Hidalgo.

President López Obrador said that the rent and benefits of the airport in Santa Lucía that is set to be built by 2021, will the transferred to the National Defense Ministry (Sedena) to strengthen its finances.

The airport management plan has been expanded to solve the saturation problem in the Mexico City airport.

The Presidential hangar and the Sedena facilities in the Mexico City airport will be rehabilitated and turned into a new terminal. The project to rehabilitate these facilities has an initial investment of MXN $3,000 million.

The President explained that the Hidalgo government has a large land lot in Tizayuca, Hidalgo, 25 kilometers away from Santa Lucía, where a fourth airport could be built in the future.

The President also confirmed that the National Defense Ministry will build the two new runways in the Santa Lucía airport and revealed that there could be a decree that states that the military base could also operate as a civil airport terminal.

“I've been informed that since the 80s, it was said through the National Defense Ministry, that Santa Lucía would be a mixed airport, civil and military, and that the current airport would be used for national flights and Santa Lucía would be used for international flights or the other way around, but there is a statement issued by the then Defense Minister.”

During a press conference, the President said he will look for the presidential decree for the Santa Lucía airport to function as a civil airport.

“Incredible. How come none of this was public? Then they made a scandal because two airports can't be operated and the international agencies, the experts already said it, who also receive contracts and they sometimes make biased reports.”

He also said that the Santa Lucía military base is five times bigger than the current Mexico City airport.


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