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Napoleón Gómez Urrutia is into private jets
The union leaders and senator traveled in a private jet - Photo: File Photo/REUTERS

Napoleón Gómez Urrutia is into private jets

Mexico City
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Napoleón Gómez Urrutia is into private jets

There are a lot of interpretations of austerity. We've been told that while President Andrés Manuel López Obrador traveled from Mexico City to Saltillo in a commercial flight to attend a ceremony in honor of the Day of the Army, meanwhile, Morena senator and the leader of the mining union, Napoleón Gómez Urrutia traveled to Mexico City from Piedras Negras in a private jet, whose rent is estimated at MXN $120,000 per hour to attend the ceremony. The President paid MXN $3,500 for his economy class ticket and after he arrived at the local airport, he was transported in an average car. In contrast, Napoleón Gómez, who is much posher, traveled in a private jet and then was transported in an armored Suburban and another luxury truck for his bodyguards. The lawmaker traveled to the Pasta de Conchos mine, to attend an event in memory of the 65 miners who died on February 2003, after a gas explosion. We wonder how did he travel before austerity.

Is Carlos Urzúa at risk?

We've been told that the Finance Ministry issued its opinion about the reform to the Pemex Law that Morena wants to approve. We've been told that on February 18, the minister Carlos Urzúa, sent a statement to San Lázaro, where it questioned the project and the control that the Pemex director would have and asked lawmakers to prevent “an excessive concentration that could result in an inconvenient to maintain the counterbalances and internal equilibrium necessary for the operation on the company.” Also, the Undersecretary of Finance said it is against the measure and warned that one of the purposes of this proposal is to limit the faculties of the Pemex Administration Council. Some say that Urzúa has to be careful, in case he is attacked for defying the 4th Transformation; we will see if someone launches an investigation for criticizing the government or if he loses his position and is sent to lead an independent body.

PRI Governors support...Morena

We've been told that PRI governor is starting to press some of its senators so that they support Morena in the creation of the National Guard. We've been told that in the case of the Sinaloa senator, Mario Zamora Gastélum, he received a call from Governor Quirino Ordaz, to ask him to vote in favor of the bill, even if it goes against what the PRI coordinator, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, and Claudia Ruiz Massieu, said. They claim the senator said he couldn't vote in favor.

Prisoners will be able to vote

Yesterday, the Electoral Tribunal, led by Felipe Fuentes, established a progressive criteria. We've been told that the tribunal voted to recognize the rights of those who are in police custody and haven't been convicted yet. In Mexico, 39% of the population in jail hasn't been convicted and are awaiting a verdict and this criteria will respect their democratic life while they aren't found guilty. Now the tribunal will have to implement this before 2024.


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