Morena's peace and love put to the test

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Morena's peace and love put to the test
English 01/10/2018 13:16 Mexico City Under Reserve Actualizada 13:23

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Morena's love and peace put to the test

Today we will see if “peace and love” that the incoming government has promised is true or just plain talk. In the state of Morelos, the former football player, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, will become the first Morena's Governor to get into power under the movement founded by the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The concern is if Morena's leader, Yeidckol Polevnsky, will attend Blanco's inauguration after they quarreled in the last weeks. Yeidckol announced a press conference to address the Puebla election today. Will she abandon Governor Blanco?

AMLO's scholarships registration begins.

We're told that this Monday a survey, door to door, will be carried out by the President-elect's, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, transition team, to register young people in academic and employment scholarships. According to AMLO's team, the idea is to learn the number of young people who study and those who don't, or if they're “ninis”. Therefore, this way, they’ll have a parameter of the scholarships that will be given to University and high school students, as well as trying to find a job those who are unemployed.

The PRD's golden man

We'll keep an eye on the PRD Senator, Antonio García Conejo, we were told. Mr. Antonio, we're told, has to take an important decision in regards to his permanence in the Senate. They say that on one hand, the PRI wants him on their side, and on the other, that the PRD is holding him hostage in exchange of not expelling his brother, the Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles Conejo after he publicly supported the PRI's presidential candidate during the last election. The case is serious because the PRD's bench in the Senate only has 5 legislators, and the departure of any of them would mean their end, as they require at least 5 legislators to form a parliamentary group and access resources and privileges. So currently García Conejo is a man that is worth gold, literally, for the PRD.

The Electoral Attorney's Office's teeth

The Electoral Attorney, Héctor Díaz Santana, is working on an electoral reform that, in theory, would give the Attorney's Office specialized on Electoral Crimes more teeth to fight crimes during the elections. They say that one of the text's main points, which is looking to change the laws, is to make this kind of crimes worthy of jail time. In short, they explain, Mr. Héctor will have the project ready and has met with several groups who have something to do with the issue, in order to listen to them and contribute with their proposals. The claim that he plans to send the reform to Congress before his term ends, in order to work as much as he can and his successor will have the elements to keep on working. Now, the few Attorney will have to find the reform useful, on the contrary, they will have to start from scratch, again.