Morena doesn't care what the President says

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Morena doesn't care what the President says
Morena, the ruling party, has yet to pick a new leader after a series of fights - Photo: Alejandra Leyva/EL UNIVERSAL
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Morena doesn't care what the President says

Morena's leader in the lower chamber, Mario Delgado, was involved in feuds all week; first with the farmers who blocked Congress; them with PAN members, whom he accused of wanting bribes, and now with fellow Morena members. Yesterday, Mario Delgado asked them to follow what President López Obrador said in regards to the party's internal election, as he proposed to choose the next party leader through a poll; nevertheless, Delgado said inside Morena there is a group that ignored the President and wanted to “steal the election and impose someone.” The problem is that using the President as an argument is not as effective as it was before; for example, López Obrador asked lawmakers to cut the party's budget and even donate some resources since last year but they have ignored his requests.

Morena offers an olive branch

Magaloni, too independent?

We've been told that in the Senate, the opposition approves the nomination of Ana Laura Magaloni to the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, we've been told that Morena is expected to support someone else because although Magaloni is supported by experts, academics, and NGOs, Morena only listens to President López Obrador who seems to prefer candidates who are close to him and who share his same ideas. We've been told that the problematic election of Rosario Piedra to the CNDH could be repeated during the process to appoint a new magistrate to the Supreme Court.

Women take over the Supreme Court and the CNDH

Is José Crespo an ambassador or not?

José Crespo, might or might not be Bolivia's ambassador in Mexico. Bolivia's interim President, Jeanine Añez, sent Crespo a document to inform him that he has been fired. After receiving the document, the former ambassador is getting ready to leave the offices on Monday or Tuesday but the question lingers, what's going to happen with Crespo since he is still considered as the Bolivian ambassador by Mexican authorities. Will there be two ambassadors?

Who overthrew Bolivia's President Evo Morales' government?

The PAN vs the 2020 budget

The 2020 budget, which is not supported by the opposition, is objectionable and there's someone who is looking for something to present before the Supreme Court, and it seems like the PAN has already found something. PAN members, who didn't attend the voting, are sure that by now, they should have reached an agreement but that wasn't the case. Also, last Thursday, PAN members argue that other lawmakers only discussed the 2020 budget and didn't discuss other pending issues, which is illegal according to them. This is the PAN's strategy to halt the approval of the 2020 budget.

Mexico unveils its 2020 budget


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