The fight against violence is turning into a snowball for the Mexican government . The situation is the result of abandoning the strategy to use the force against criminal organizations .

The Christian - humanist ideas proposed by President López Obrador clash with a sinister reality since the security strategy has been insufficient to lower the homicide rates and on the contrary, the numbers have increased. In 2019 , states such as Veracruz , Michoacán , Guerrero , Tamaulipas , Guanajuato , Morelos , , Sonora , and have been the scenario for violent incidents , continuing with the violence that has besieged Mexico in the last decade.

The decision to handle social gaps and set the foundations for change but in the face of violent events taking place throughout the country, it is urgent to implement a restraint policy based on the use of force.

And if the government wants to avoid shootings when stopping criminal groups, their strategy should have a broader scope and not be based on a conciliatory speech . Moreover, there are several examples of drug traffickers who were arrested without violence .

But where are the financial intelligence measures to affect the criminal organizations ' finances? The efficiency shown to investigate alleged acts perpetrated by politicians who were part of the previous federal administration has to be used to investigate companies and bank accounts linked to drug trafficking .

Moreover, is it impossible to halt ? Can the government contain the migration wave but not arms smuggling into Mexico ?

Mexico has to implement new actions to eradicate violence and inform society about these new actions before this issue becomes key for the electoral process in the U.S. , which is set to start in three months. For example, on Tuesday, announced his intention to support a “WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth,” a proposal that has an electoral purpose behind it, as well as economic, as a result of the gun culture and economy in the U.S.

The massacre of members of the placed Mexico at the center of news coverage in the world. Before investment and tourism are affected, the government should review its security strategy . The more this is delayed, the consequences could be more serious. Time is running out.


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