Mexico takes legal action against large company accused of tax fraud

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Mexico takes legal action against large company accused of tax fraud
At least 15 major companies own millions in taxes - Photo: Yadin Xolalpa /EL UNIVERSAL
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Mexico takes legal action against large company accused of tax fraud

We’ve been told that the President’s office will file a lawsuit for tax fraud against one of the 15 major companies that owe millions in taxes; according to President López Obrador, these companies owe the Mexican government MXN $ 50,000 million in taxes. However, we’ve been told that this action does not surprise those accused of tax fraud because last week, President López Obrador said that if these companies didn’t pay their debt, the government would take legal action. Government insiders said this should be taken as a message to the other 14 companies.

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López-Gatell: hero or villain?

Inside the federal government, not everyone disagreed with the comments made by news presenter Javier Alatorre, who tried to discredit Dr. Hugo López-Gatell. Although some officials showed their support to the epidemiologist, others saw the criticism as a counterbalance measure after the political prominence the doctor has acquired. We’ve been told that inside the federal government, there are people worried about the way López-Gatell has handled the information. They say it won’t be a long time before we learn if Dr. López-Gatell is a “hero” or a “villain” in this pandemic

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The amnesty law is approved by the Senate 

Morena Senator Ricardo Monreal is into adrenaline rushes. A large part of the opposition argued against the Amnesty Law until the end, as they considered it as an order issued by the President to the Senate and raised the possibility of not having enough quorum to allow its approval. Amid that scenario, Monreal made things happen and approved the law, which was also a promise made by López Obrador during his presidential campaign. Now, the amnesty law could help to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 contagions inside Mexican prisons

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Morena ignores its fellow members

While senators debated the amnesty law, Morena senator Imelda Castro told the minority that “the dictatorship of the majority is called democracy.”We’ve been told that this time, Morena affected its fellow members, for example, Armando Guadiana Tijerina, who had proposed a fund to help small and médium-sized companies and Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, who is looking to create an unemployment allowance. Moreover, they also ignored Manuel Velasco, who proposed a Budget to support those affected by COVID-19

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