Mexico City’s Pride Parade goes virtual

Mexico City's Pride Parade aims to create an inclusive space for LGBT rights

Mexico City’s Pride Parade goes virtual in 2020
This will be the 42nd edition Mexico City's Pride Parade - Photo: Juan Boites/EL UNIVERSAL
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Jesse & Joy, Melanie C, OV7, and other bands have confirmed their participation at Mexico City’s 42th LGBTTTI+ pride parade that, for the first time ever, will not go out on the streets but that will go online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organizers of the event published the lineup that will partake in the celebration next June 27 via streaming from 12:00 to 22:00.

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Besides the aforementioned artists, the virtual event will also feature Mentiras & Mentidrags, Playa Limbo, Jannete Chao, Andy Zunno, Daniela, Spalla, and Alfonso Herrera, among many others.

EL UNIVERSAL published this week that Thalía will be in charge of inaugurating the event that will be available on the parade’s YouTube account.

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And despite neither Reforma Avenue nor Mexico City’s Zócalo will be taken over by floats, music, glitter, and dancers, the rainbow pride flag will keep on waving for the organizers are promoting the hashtag #ElOrgulloPermanece (Pride Remains) to create an inclusive space for LGBT rights.

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