The bistro rescuing native maize

There is no fixed menu and the restaurant only uses seasonal produce

Mexico City's best new bistro rescues native maize
This new bistro takes you on a culinary trip focused on maize - Photo: Taken from Restaurant Expendio de Maíz's Facebook page
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Restaurant Expendio de Maíz was named as the best new bistro in Mexico City by restaurant guide Le Fooding and Master Card!

Expendio de Maíz is located in the Roma neighborhood, one of the trendiest neighborhoods and the city, which is also home to notorious restaurants.

Did you know Mexican corn is threatened by U.S. biopiracy?

According to LeFooding.com, Expendio de Maíz is “one of the best and most immersive rural food places in town.” It adds that you can learn “all about the origin of corn” at the bistro. All the ingredients are local, fresh, and seasonal.

How was corn domesticated? 

At Expendio de Maíz, there is no fixed menu and the chef sends plate after plate until you’re full.

The dishes include a corn quesadilla in the shape of a pig and a spicy sausage taco but the bistro explains that every day, the team searches for fresh and seasonal ingredients to offer delicious dishes.

Every dish is inspired by pre-colonial Mexican culture and emphasizes how complex Mexican cuisine is,



Cuatro hojitas de quelites . . . #maiz #quelite

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Prices range between MXN $150 and $200. It only accepts cash.


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