Mexico City has sunk into crime

The increasing insecurity levels in Mexico City will be the most complex challenge for Claudia Sheinbaum's administration

Mexico City has sunk into crime
The crime rate has increased 11.4% in the last year – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The increasing insecurity levels in Mexico City will be, without a doubt, the most complex challenge for the incoming local government. In regards to this topic, the outgoing administration is leaving a deplorable inheritance. The increase in the 2017 crime rate, 11.4% higher than in 2016, suggested what the most recent studies have confirmed as a worryingly increasing tendency in crime rate in the country's capital, to a degree that we hadn't seen in two decades.

According to the Crime Incidence Report from the Mexico City Observatory (OCMX), with data from 2018's second trimester, on average, 248 crimes take place every day in the country's capital.

Every day in Mexico City, 96 people are victims of robbery with violence, 40 passers-by are robbed, 44 robberies to businesses are registered every day, 12 reports of drug sales, 4 intentional homicides, 20 burglaries, 27 vehicles are stolen, 2 extortion cases, and one rape, along with 2 manslaughters.

Although there are only 3 crimes that have increased in comparison with the same period in 2017: robbery with violence, with increased by 23 cases; drug-dealing increased with 7 more cases, and burglary with increased by 3 more cases, this panorama shouldn't appease us.

The report specifies that on a national level, the capital is the second place on robbery with violence, the third in robbery to businesses and passers-by. All these crimes greatly impact the quality of life of any citizen.

The proof is that in the public security survey made by the Inegi, revealed that 75.9% of Mexico City inhabitants feel unsafe in their city; the northern and eastern areas in Mexico City are the ones perceived as the most unsafe.

Since January 2018, as a consequence from insecurity, Mexico City dropped from the best cities to live in, holiday or have fun in Top 10 and was placed on the 15th place of the City Life Index, according to Forbes.

In the face of what many fear as a replay of other criminality scenarios sparked off by organized crime, experts have pointed out that the crime rate increase in this city has been possible thanks to the lack of a timely response in case of crimes, and the absence of a real strategy against crime. And also, of course, because we don't have police officers who really know the streets or that are well prepared.

Certainly, this growing crime phenomenon in Mexico City has to do with the growing presence of organized crime groups in the city, contrary to what the local government has declared in many occasions.

We will see how Claudia Sheinbaum's administration will face the huge challenge of a city sunk in criminality.


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