Mexico City ready for first public electric bikes

Public bike sharing system in Mexico City installs its electric bike stations to launch first fleet of electric bikes

New network of electric ECOBICI bikes – Photo courtesy of MIGUEL ÁNGEL MANCERA
English 19/12/2017 11:16 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 11:16
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Public bike sharing system in Mexico City, ECOBICI, has begun to install the infrastructure necessary to include the first electric bikes to its fleet.

Early this year, the Mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Angel Mancera, talked about the arrival of the 324 electric bikes which will be added to the ECOBICI program.

He explained the new bike models aren't capable of exceeding the 20km/h and that they are a motor-assisted bike, which means users will still have to pedal the bicycle.

Each new electric bike station has a capacity for 24 bicycles and a touch-screen where users may consult the map of the location of the nearest electric bike stations. This device was added as electric bikes can only be taken and delivered to the corresponding electric stations.

(Photo: Sandra Hernández/EL UNIVERSAL)

In addition to the electric bikes, Mexico City's Mayor also announced the ECOBICI network will be extended to 13 quarters of Mexico City, in addition to the replacement of over 3,200 units.

“We're including a new fleet of over 3,000 bikes, 28 multimedia stations, and extension of the ECOBICI network to 13 quarters more in Mexico City.”


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