Mexico and the U.S. brought together through seesaws

Children and adults from both parts of the border participated in the game

Mexico and the U.S. brought together through seesaws
The architect Ronald Rael asserted that there is a good relationship between Mexicans and Americans - Photo: Taken from Ronald Rael's Facebook account
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Citizens of Mexico and the United States can spend a good time together, beyond political divisions. With this premise in mind, the American architect Ronald Rael installed several seesaws through the iron wall in the border shared by both countries.

“The seesaw reflects that what is done on one side has an impact on the other side,” explained the creator of the game, with which children and adults of both nationalities played last Sunday.

Rael thought about this project for almost ten years, and after making some sketches, he could realize his idea of connecting the citizens of both countries in the traditional game of seesaw.

The devices were located strategically in the area of Anapra and Sunland Park.

In a first test to know the reaction of the citizens of both nations, Rael, with the support of Virginia San Fratello and the Chopeke collective, installed three seesaws designed specifically to fit between the metal bars that create a wall that divides the border, the construction of which started on September 2018.

Rael, originally from the state of Colorado and teacher of architecture in the University of California, asserted that there is a good relationship between the people from America and Mexico; however, the wall blocks this relationship.



Una publicación compartida de Ronald Rael (@rrael) el

“Using a seesaw shows that we are equal, that we can be together and have a good time,” said Rael, who was excited to see that both children and adults approached his installation to play

The installation of the devices got the interest of the inhabitants of Anapra and Sunland Park, who approached gradually to use the game.

With time, small queues of those interested in the activity were formed; the base was cooperation.



Una publicación compartida de Ronald Rael (@rrael) el



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