An ice cream for diabetics

UVM students developed an ice cream made of Ataulfo mango and flamboyant gum that delays glucose absorption

Mexican students create ice cream for diabetics
The ice cream controls glucose – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Students of the University of the Valley of Mexico (UVM) created an ice cream made of Ataulfo mango and flamboyant gum that helps control and delay the absorption of blood glucose.

According to Norman Alan Verdi Cano and Jonatan Velásquez Montiel, students od the degree in Nutrition by the UVM, say the flamboyant gum added to any food has shown to have a positive effect in delaying glucose absorption.

That is why this ice cream could be good for those patients with diabetes type 2 or those who are looking to control or reduce their weight.

The students said that by analyzing studies of flamboyant gum, they found that it has positive effects in delaying the absorption of capillary blood glucose.

As a matter of fact, they said, they performed glucose tests with a glucometer in 12 individuals and could see that those who had consumed the added flamboyant gum presented a pretty significant glucose control.

The students commented that the raw material is no obstacle for the elaboration of this ice cream, for Ataulfo mango is widely produced in southeast Mexico, while flamboyant gum is obtained from a tree that grows all over the country.

“In Mérida, we find the tree in the streets, they are tall trees with a flower with a seed from which the gum is obtained and added to the mango ice cream,” they mentioned.

Flamboyant tree is very common in Merida and its use is merely ornamental. The benefits of its seeds and pods are barely known.

According to the UVM students, the state of Yucatán is the first place in obesity in the country, both in children and adults, and the objective of this ice-cream is for people not to detect the flavor or texture of the flamboyant gum so that it feels like normal ice cream.

The advantage, they argued, is that they add no sugar to this product, for stevia is used as a sweetener.

According to information from the 2016 National Survey on Health and Nutrition, the prevalence of diabetes in Mexico is 9.4% and places it as the second cause of death.

For its part, the International Diabetes Federation mentions that in our country there are over 12 million people with diabetes with over 4.5 million Mexicans undiagnosed.


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