Mexican restaurant becomes iconic in Beijing

Marco Medina explained that the restaurant replicates the "street food" of the different cities of Mexico

Mexican restaurant becomes iconic in Beijing
He also tried to replicate the restaurant in the city of New York, where it was quite successful - Photo: Taken from QMEX's official website
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A monumental row outside the premises of the restaurant "QMEX" during the Beijing Burger Festival, does not surprise the chef and co-founder of the establishment, Marco Medina, as he states that when food is made with passion, the effort is paid with recognitions.

The restaurant already has two units in the Chinese capital, and is the meeting point for the Mexican community in China. It stands out among foreigners and locals as one of the best places to enjoy the Latin American seasoning.


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Marco Medina, born in San Diego, California, explained that the restaurant’s success is due to the way it replicates the "street food" of the different cities of Mexico, and the way it offers a service that invites everyone to know the Mexican culture.

At the same time, he maintains the flavor of his mother and of his Mexican family, who come from the border city of Ciudad Juarez.

He founded the restaurant 40 years ago in the city of Los Angeles, and he claims that the restaurant’s decoration is also important. He tried to replicate the restaurant in the city of New York, where it was quite successful. The New York branch is still open today and run by his brother.

Medina says that most of the products that are used or sold in their restaurants are brought directly from Mexico, including different types of chili, "Jarritos" soft drinks, and some of the spices, for example.

The presence and flavor of these ingredients in the tables of their premises raises nostalgia among Mexican customers and curiosity among Chinese natives.

Chinese customers "enjoy Mexican food very much, since the taste of many of the dishes is very similar to what they are used to in China, but their presentation is different and exotic," the chef said in an interview with Notimex.

"The Chinese like Mexican culture and food, it's something exotic for them, they like the sauces, seasoning, and the similarity in the taste of some of the dishes they consume in their kitchen, the biggest difference is that Chinese food has a greater use of rice and pasta," he explained.

Marco Medina said that in the six years he has been in Beijing, he has accomplished the freedom and ease of growing his own business.

He commented that, despite the fact that his previous restaurants in the United States were successful, China has allowed for his restaurant to adapt more easily into its society and become an iconic restaurant in the city.

The acceptance that China has given him makes him think that after Donald Trump’s rejection towards Mexicans and Central Americans, people should follow China’s example in the acceptance of other cultures.


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"China is a migration option, not the United States, people should look for a good quality of life, not rejection. Here in China, people are much kinder and fully tolerant of other races and cultures," said the Mexican chef.

However, despite its growth and success in the capital of the Asian giant, Marco Medina's plans include the possibility of returning to the American continent and opening headquarters in Mexico.


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