Antonio González Orozco passes away

Antonio González Orozco was a disciple of Diego Rivera
Antonio González Orozco was born in Chihuahua in 1933 - Photo: Omar Dumaine/Taken from Casa Chiahuahua's Twitter account
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Mexican muralist Antonio González Orozco, who created works of art exhibited at the Chapultepec Castle, passed away on Wednesday night at 87.

Mexico City’s Culture Ministry mourned the death of the artist, who was the disciple of Diego Rivera at the San Carlos Academy.

The artist painted Juárez, a Symbol of the Republic Against the French Intervention which is featured at the front of Mexico’s fifth-grade History textbooks.

Another of his works is Triumphal Entrance of Benito Juárez into the National Palace, for which he received recognition in 2017 from Diego Prieto, head of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History.

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In that same year, González Orozco mentioned that the work was a commission by the then-director Antonio Arriaga Ochoa in 1967, as part of the celebrations for the hundredth anniversary of the Triumph of the Republic.

“When I was working on the face of Benito Juárez, upon seeing him from below, it didn’t quite convince me as when I saw it from the top; it got completely blurred. It was a real struggle to portray his facial expression. I went up and down until the image convinced me,” said the drawer, engraver, and sculptor.

“To the great muralist Antonio González Orozco, who also worked proudly for the INAH and who is still a member of this great community,” said Prieto back then.

Casa Chihuahua in Mexico City also mourned the death of the muralist, asserting his legacy is “invaluable” and that it will persist in the memory of all Mexicans.

Antonio González Orozco was born on May 10, 1933. He studied at the San Carlos Academy and was a restaurateur at the National Museum of History.

During his creative work, he met muralists like David Alfaro Siqueiros, Juan O’Gorman, and Jorge González Camarena.

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