Mexico breaks world record

Jalisco has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest serving of guacamole

Jalisco prepared the world's largest serving of guacamole – Photo by EFE
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Jalisco has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest serving of guacamole when a team of chefs and locals managed to prepare 2,980 kilograms of this typical Mexican food in under 90 minutes.

“They prepared 2,980 kg ( 6569.77 lbs), breaking the world record. We've taken into account weight and sanitary measures, such as the handling of the ingredients,” said Carlos Tapia Rojas, Guinness World Record representative to Mexico and Latin America.

The previous record was 2,669.5 kg (5,885.24 lb) and was set in 2015 by the state of Michoacán.

Tapia added that guacamole-related world records are the “most contested” by the United States and Mexico.

The dish was prepared at the main plaza of Concepción de Buenos Aires, a town south of Jalisco, known for its avocado fields – and hundreds of people came to witness the feat.

1, 550 locals and students of over 14 gastronomy schools participated in the task, which required 4, 200 avocados.

To prepare the traditional guacamole, the participants also required 3, 500 tomatoes, 750 onions, 90 bunches of coriander (cilantro) and the juice of 3,000 limes; the ingredients were mixed in a container under the supervision of the Guinness World Record representative.

The secret of a good guacamole is the maturity of the avocado and the prevention of its oxidation while preparing the dish, according to the Antonio Curto, head chef of the group.

“If it's too green, it can't be ground; if it's too mature, it will turn black,” he explained during an interview with Efe.

The ingredients were quickly cut and then put inside the container, wherere a dozen of chefs mixed them using one-meter-high stainless-steel spoons.

The spectacle attracted a crowd of hundreds who got to taste the guacamole, accompanied with tortilla chips, tostadas, and savory crackers.

The event highlighted the importance of avocado production in the region, which exported a total of 69.000 tonnes to Canada, Europe, Japan, South America, Hong Kong and the Middle East in 2016, according to official data of the state. Currently, Jalisco is the fifth place in Hass avocado production worldwide.


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