Mexican to play in the NFL

Isaac Alarcón will be part of the Dallas Cowboys

Mexican football player Isaac Alarcón to play in the NFL
Isaac Alarcón is 21 years old – Photo: Taken from Isaac Alarcón’s Facebook account
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The offensive tackle Isaac Alarcón will be part of an NFL team after he was chosen for the International Player Pathway program, which seeks to recruit talent from outside the U.S.

Alarcón has played in the Major League for the Tecnológico del Monterrey Sheeps in Mexico and represented the country at the U19 World Championships.

The player itself confirmed the news moments after the closing of the NFL Draft which took place last weekend.

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The Mexican will be part of the roster of the Dallas Cowboys, one of the NFC East teams.

Alarcón moved to Florida in early 2020 for a training camp that involved another seven international prospects.

In the end, the Mexican was able to convince the coaches and he will now have the opportunity to be a part of the Dallas Cowboys.

Isaac Alarcón is aware of the meaning of this opportunity. Before him, only three Mexicans (Efrén Herrera, Rafael Septién, and Luis Zendejas) have played in the NFL’s regular season.

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“I’m very happy; it’s a dream,” Alarcón said in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL. “I know what the Cowboys mean for the country, for his fans. I still can’t believe this is happening.” He says that Stephen Jones, vice-president of the franchise and son of Jerry Jones, was who broke the news to him.

It was through a phone call. He told him that he could celebrate on Monday with his family but that starting on Tuesday, they would be in touch to begin working. “He told me that the meetings will be via video call. That is also how I will study the playbook for now” he adds.

To arrive in the NFL, the offensive tackle from Monterrey received help from his former teammate Máximo González, who was part of the International Player Pathway program in 2019.

González recommended Alarcón with the scouts of the program. They saw his qualities, invited him to dinner, and finally included him in this year’s edition of the program.

“I was in the program for two months. I didn’t know the exact level of my game until I compared myself to other offensive tackles and won. That was when I realized that my level was good, as well as that of other Mexicans,” he says.

Alarcón, who is 21 years old, 1.97 m tall, and weighs 117 kg has played professional football since he was 14 years old. He was a winger but he almost stopped playing when he entered the Tec de Monterrey program. “I felt coaches didn’t like me because I was always making mistakes. That was when coach Jonathan Alderete invited me to be an offensive tackle. I liked it and soon got established,” he said.

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