Mexican beverage manufacturer to protect the environment

The Pascual Workers Cooperative presented a new campaign for the protection of the environment

Mexican beverage manufacturer to protect the environment
English 05/07/2018 13:25 Notimex Mexico City Actualizada 13:25

The Pascual Workers Cooperative in Mexico City has presented their campaign México Lindo y Querido 2018” (Lovely and Cherished Mexico 2018), through which it will seek to contribute to the protection of the environment by cleaning beaches, recycling, reforesting, and planting fruit trees in the country’s capital, as well as the states of Guerrero and Morelos.

At a press conference, the chief executive of the Cooperative, Salvador Torres Cisneros, stated that, within the framework of the World Environment Day which was commemorated on June 5, a campaign was introduced to protect the environment, which includes making their products more eco-friendly.

The executive, together with Julio Cárcamo, the chief of the Security Council for the Pascal Workers Cooperative, have stated that some of the actions to be implemented for the protection of the environment are the planting of trees on the Cuemanco area, as well as the planting of fruit trees on one of the company’s properties at the Acolman area, in the State of Mexico.

As for Guerrero, they claimed to be working on cleaning certified Blue Flag beaches, for which they have informed Acapulco’s municipal government. They will also seek to cooperate with educational institutions for the planting of trees in school campuses.

In Acapulco, they will also lend their support to cooperative tourist service workers in order to boost boaters and operators of parachutes and banana boats.

Salvador Torres added that, through these initiatives, the Pascual Workers Cooperative will position itself as a company that is 100% Mexican and uses natural fruit grown locally to produce beverages sweetened with standard sugar cane, for which they pay higher taxes to the public health sector.

He stated that the company had conducted discussions with their cardboard suppliers to collect plastic materials and straws for recycling. In addition to this, they will negotiate with the Mexico City government to obtain the necessary permits to collect cardboard and plastic waste. He explained that they are also working to substitute straws with plastic caps.

Julio Cárcamo stressed the importance of promoting a waste separation culture, and has invited his customers to join the campaign for the protection of the environment.

The cities that have focused their efforts on the reforestation of several regions such as Mexico City, Guerrero, Morelos, and the state of Mexico will continue to receive the support of the Pascal Workers Cooperative.