Mexican actor Pablo Lyle to face trial on involuntary manslaughter

On a six hours-long hearing, the judge Alan Fine rejected the application of the “Stand Your Ground” state law on self-defense

Mexican actor Pablo Lyle to face trial on involuntary manslaughter
The Mexican actor is under house arrest in Florida – Photo: Pedro Portal/EL UNIVERSAl
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The involuntary manslaughter trial against Mexican actor Pablo Lyle will continue its course after a Florida judge refused to dismiss the case under the state law of “protecting one’s space” in self-defense.

After a long hearing that took place in Miami, Florida, judge Alan Fine rejected the application of state law on self-defense, known as “Stand your ground” to cancel the case against Pablo Lyle.

Judge Fine pointed out that in the incident the victim, Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández of 63 years old, suffered a death blow when he was walking back to his vehicle after the dispute he had with the vehicle occupants where Pablo Lyle was.

“He was walking away. There were no verbal threats. There were no physical actions,” said Fine at the end of the six hours-long hearing.

On her part, prosecutor Rachel Morales-Gellis asked to dismiss the argument of self-defense; she said there was no excuse for the attack of the Mexican actor since the victim was not armed, was not a threat at the moment, and was on the way back to his car.

Judge Fine scheduled a new hearing for today.

In the meantime, in Mexico, Michelle Renaud supports Pablo Lyle and his family in the legal process the actor is facing in Miami. The actress, the protagonist of “La Reina Soy Yo,” says that she knows the actor as a father, husband, and colleague, and although she knows he made a mistake, she hopes things get solved in a positive way.

“Life gives us tests and lessons to learn. He is an amazing human being that, in my opinion, made a mistake. Unfortunately, this is his lesson,” she said.

Now, Pablo Lyle will face a new trial but this time with a jury. Judge Fine also kept the house arrest of the actor, who will have to keep wearing the shackle in his ankle. The actor of “Mirreyes vs. Godínez” is in his brother-in-law’s house.

On March 31st, Pablo Lyle was arrested in Miami’s International Airport after he punched Juan Ricardo Hernández, who was left unconscious after the incident during a traffic accident. The Cuban passed away on April 4th in a hospital in Florida.

In May, Lyle declared himself not guilty of the charge of involuntary manslaughter of which Miami-Dade’s Attorney General’s Office accused him. On June 6th, judge Fine denied the actor the request of coming back to Mexico and modified the conditions of his house arrest.

On Wednesday, it was said that Lyle’s defense would bring a witness to reconstruct the incident and that would talk about the probability of the victim going back to his car to look for a weapon, reason why the Mexican had a violent reaction.


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