Mayor Sheinbaum sent a message to the police

Yesterday, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum gave an interesting message to female police officers protecting her office. We’ve been told that Sheinbaum thanked them for their work and said that she knew they were wondering why authorities didn’t stop people from attacking police officers but that these groups aim to discredit the local police and that can’t be allowed. What she said to them was later implemented during protests, where anarchist groups defaced monuments and businesses and looted stores; we’ve been told that although the group tried to start a confrontation with the local police, they were unable to. After local police officers were caught betaing a 16-year-old, they decided not to engage in physical confrontations yesterday, although it is unknown how will they react during future protests.


Will the President cancel his trips?

We’ve been told that after IMSS director Zoé Robledo announced he tested positive for COVID-19, President López Obrador’s team is analyzing whether or not to cancel his upcoming trips. We’ve been reminded that Robledo accompanied the President on a visit to Tabasco last Friday. Yesterday, the President said a decision hadn’t been made regarding his trip to northern Mexico. Will the high contagion rates and Robledo’s case stop López Obrador from traveling throughout the country? Even if he continues to continue with his trips, the President wouldn’t be violating health measures since his activities are considered as essential.


The government vs. junk food

In the upcoming days, the federal government will launch a massive campaign about healthy eating habits . We’ve been told that this strategy will include information on calories, sugar, diabetes , and high blood pressure. Although the campaign might not be appreciated by companies that produce junk food and soda , it has the President’s full support. The government hopes this campaign is better than the one on domestic violence, which was widely criticized.


The Health Ministry is not a fan of transparency

We’ve been told that the INAI has received 3,528 information requests regarding COVID-19 . We’ve been told that that the majority of requests have to do with economics and the budget allocated to fight the health crisis ; moreover, people want to know how much is the government is spending on contracts and welfare programs. People are requesting information from the Health Ministry but it has been delaying the process to deliver the information. It seems like in this ministry, transparency is experiencing a crisis.



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