13 | OCT | 2019
Miguel Ángel Mancera, Mexico City Mayor – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Mancera issues challenge over earthquake

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Mancera issues challenge over earthquake 

The position of Mexico City's Mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera, was well received by several sectors in the country, when he stated loud and clear that he would not step down from his charge until the emergency in Mexico City is over. We're told Mr. Miguel was ready to step down to begin his journey towards the 2018 presidency, yet the earthquake on September 19 got on his way – literally. Even though many claim Mancera's statement was a logical and easy thing to do, considering he would face public criticism if he were to abandon ship now, some within his inner circle say that if it is indeed an easy choice to make, then they should do the same: first, openly state they are looking for the presidential candidacy of their political parties, and then commit themselves not to step down until the country's emergency is over. Who's up for the challenge?

No one saw Anaya's 53 millions

Three notary publics had in their hands the documents on the sale of an industrial bay which the national leader of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) Ricardo Anaya sold for 53.7 million to a company which was incorporated just a month prior to the transaction, with a capital stock of 10 thousand Mexican pesos. Notary public 31 to Querétaro, Estela de la Luz Gallego, bared witness of the company's incorporation in July 2016. That same notary office legalized the sale in 53.7 million. It seems the transaction never aroused suspicion. Notary public 8 Salvador Cosío to Zapopan Jalisco, legalized in September the right's assignment of the original founders of the company to the new majority shareholder – it seems he wasn't suspicious either that the founders would assign their shares to another two months after the incorporation of the company. And a special mention is certainly deserved for the Notary Public 29 to Querétaro, who in just a few hours issued a deed which conveniently forgets to mention the date on which the original owners legalized the assignment of shares to the new owner. It looks like it's the most natural thing in the world, to have companies with scant capital stock acquiring millionaire assets. A simulation for the benefit of the political class?

The mysterious murder of a Sandoval

Nayarit politicians are perplexed over the murder of Hugo Sánchez Sandoval, nephew of former Nayarit Governor Roberto Sandoval, who is currently being investigated by Mexico's Office of the Attorney General (PGR) for alleged illicit enrichment and his ties with former prosecutor Édgar Veytia, currently arrested in the United States over drug trafficking charges. The perplexity, we're told, has to do with the murder taking place by a group of armed men just a few hours after his uncle stepped down – particularly because the victim was one of the most trusted men of Mr. Roberto and was allegedly involved in the procurement of fine horses, the former governor's favorite hobby. They are currently wondering if the crime is completely unrelated to his blood ties, or if this was a message for Sandoval.

Thanks but no thanks to Peru

The night of September 19, the day of the earthquake which shook the central area of Mexico, the Peruvian Government offered to send 50 members of its rescue team to help Mexico City. However, the Ministry of the Interior under Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, showed its appreciation of the gesture but declined the offer, claiming it wasn't necessary. Thus, Peru sent only its condolences to the victims.


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