Sofía Huerta's harasser says he is a victim

It was announced that Tigres took legal action against the man and banned him from all the matches

The man who harassed Sofía Huerta says he is a victim
The picture went viral after social media users launched a campaign to find the aggressor - Photo: Taken from @futfemenilmx Twitter account
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David “N”, the man who grabbed soccer player Sofía Huerta's breast while they took a photo, claims that is was an involuntary action and that he hadn't realized where did he placed his hand because he was looking directly into the phone.

The man, who has been banned from any Tigres match, said that he has tried to get in touch with the soccer team but that he hasn't received an answer.

In an interview, the man said that “it wasn't my intention. I just wanted a picture with the soccer player. I wasn't alone, I was with my children. I didn't see where I placed my hand. My sight was set on the phone. I wouldn't like it if someone did that to my daughter. I'm a family man. It was a misunderstanding. (Sofía Huerta) never made a gesture or turned around to face me.”

After a picture of the man grabbing Sofía Huerta's breast went viral, the man now claims he and his family have been threatened through Facebook and Whatsapp. The suspect says that he fears for his “physical integrity

The man attended a friendly match between Tigres and Houston Dash. When the match was over, Sofía Huerta took a few minutes to snap some selfies with her fans but while she was taking a picture with the aggressor, he grabbed her breast.

Days later, the picture went viral. It was announced that Tigres would take legal action against the man and banned him from all the matches.


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