LV insists it is collaborating with Mexican artisans

Raw Edges said Louis Vuitton will be the one to provide more information in regards to the collaboration

Louis Vuitton insists the brand is collaborating with Mexican artisans
Raw Edges used an embroidery from Tenango de Doria in one of its pieces - Photo: Louis Vuitton
English 11/07/2019 17:32 EL UNIVERSAL in English/Gretel Morales Mexico City Sofía Danis Actualizada 18:06
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A few days ago, it was revealed that the Mexican government had questioned Louis Vuitton’s use of a traditional Mexican embroidery, Tenangos, in the design of a chair created by Raw Edges, less than a month after it sent a similar letter to Carolina Herrera for the use of the same pattern and other traditional embroideries.

In the letter issued on July 5, the Culture Ministry said that it was “surprised” to find one chair in the Dolls by Raw Edges collection by the Paris-based fashion house featured the designs of Mexican artists in Hidalgo.

Louis Vuitton has yet to address the letter and removed the chair from its website.

Louis Vuitton told EL UNIVERSAL in English that the brand is “currently in a relationship with artisans of Tenango de Doria in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, with the perspective of collaborating together to produce this collection” but did not provide more details about the alleged collaboration, moreover, the chair that used the Mexican embroidery is the only item that was removed from Louis Vuitton's website, while all the other items from the Objets Nomades collection are still available.

Furthermore, although the designer duo behind the chair, Raw Edges, said that the “prototype chair that was presented in Milan was not made of printed canvas but an original embroidery from Mexico. The final production pieces will be done in full collaboration with the local artisans in Mexico,” the designers did not disclose the origin of the embroidery used for the prototype chair, the name of the artisan who made it, or how Mexico became a source of inspiration for them.

Raw Edges also explained that Louis Vuitton will be the one to provide more information in regards to the collaboration with Mexican artisans.

Héctor Pardo, Louis Vuitton's Communications and Client Relations Director for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean has yet to respond to the Culture Ministry's letter.


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